Junglist Network Podcast episode 2 with DJ Pilgrim

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The second Junglist Network Podcast.

DJ Pilgrim takes us on a dark journey as we go a little deeper and a little darker…..

For Episode 2 of the Junglist Network podcast, we’ve got the legend of Breakbeat Old Skool and Junglistic badboy DJ Pilgrim to create us a tasty little mix. For this episode we go “a little darker” as Pilgrim smashes his way from Sound Shifter, through Dr S Gachet and beyond……….

Sound Shifter – What I Had
Dj Cautious – Rough Love Hybrids Remix
Galvatron – No Wicked
Kartoon – Reece Piece
RMS – Rude Man Sound
Dj Hybrid – Its Murder VIP
Dr S Gachet – Remember The Roller Heists Remix
Riffz & Janglist Bwoy – Bad Luck Hybrids Remix
K Jah – Get Out Of My Life
Dj Cautious – Ghetto Story Jinxs Remix
Pilgrim – Run Dubplate

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