Junglist Network Podcast Episode 4

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DJ Pilgrim takes control of our Podcast once again for some Jungle business.

Junglist Network Podcast Number 4

The 4th Junglist Network Podcast comes from DJ Pilgrim. Subscribe to our podcasts on itunes or download from our site.

May DJ Pilgrim Podcast mix heads down a Jungle Dub route.

  1. Threshold vs Jedi Hi-Fi – REGGAE REGGAE SAUCE – Foundation X Dub
  2. Ed West Inja – Jungle Every Day FLeCK Remix – Born On The Road Dub
  3. Madcap – Nostaljah – Myriad Recordings Dub
  4. Omen Breaks – Dem talk to much – UK Jungle
  5. Skitty & Nolige – Ghetto Dub – Foundation X Dub
  6. Konspiracy & T-Menace – So Rotton RMX – Dub
  7. Jem One – Tribe of Nothing – Dubsoul Recordings Dub
  8. SELECTA J-MAN KELVIN 373 – DONT STOP – Roots Records Dub
  9. LJ High – Come Again – Audio Maze Dub
  11. Kumarachi – Babylon (Original Mix) – Ghetto Dub Recordings Dub
  12. Pulse & Madcap – Green Project – Creative Wax Dub
  13. Threshold VS Jedi Hi-Fi – Sound Check 1 (shit check) – Foundation X Dub
  14. Kumarachi – ight Night – (Original Mix) – Ghetto Dub Recordings Dub

Each month we will be bringing you the biggest tracks spun by Walshy Selecta with regular special guests, competitions and features. The freshest Jungle and Ragga Jungle tracks with an occasional dip into some old school classics. We may even spin the odd drum and bass as long as it has those essential Jungle elements that make every Junglist sit up and listen

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