Interview with Marvellous Cain

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Interview with Marvellous Cain

What was the first record you ever brought?
The first records I very brought was “Musical Youth Pass the dutchie” I must of been about 9 or 10 years old.

Who inspired you to get into music professionally?
My Mum & Dad from when I was young just hearing them playing their records on a Sunday mornings playing some good Reggae, Ska  and Soca Music, that’s what helped me decide that music was for me.

You started off spinning at hardcore raves, how did you see music and the scene change as Jungle came into existence?
Well I actually started for in a Reggae Sound System called “Kathmandu” then went to my first rave in 1988 “Biology” back then it was a lot of Acid House, Rave what I liked was the way the some of the tunes had break beat and heavy bass lines like Reggae, which meant more of a Jungle feel was in the music and more and more reggae bass lines were being used the scene changed and so began a new movement Jungle.

When did you first realise how big The Hitman was going to be?
2013 when we rerelease it with Bladerunner’s remix I really didn’t know people thought that mush about the tune really I know it was big back in the day but wow thank you all.

What inspired you to start your Yardrock label?
Ok I’ll start that the beginning, ya see I take music as my Rock it keeps my heart clean and my life blessed everyday, and nothing in any shape or form can take that feel from me, and Yard is the place that my family is and they mean every thing to me as only a family can, so that’s way it’s call “Yardrock”

How important is Reggae and Soundsystem culture to the Jungle sound?
It’s were it all started you can have one whit out the other it like Adam & Eve the Mother and Father to all of us.

Jungle seems to be heading into a more musical and less sampled area recently, with Yardrock, Congo Natty, Jacky Murda and RunTingz all creating new vocals on their tracks rather than sampling, do you think this is allowing the scene to grow in a slightly new direction?
As a great man said Mr David MBE Rodigan ” If we don’t make new music, the music won’t progress” and if we don’t make new Jungle the Scene won’t progress.

What big future releases are on the horizon for YardRock?
I don’t like to say that we’ve got big releases I would just like to think that we’ve got some  new Jungle to help the scene with longevity,

Jungle seems to be having a little resurge in interest, documentaries on channel 4, more events etc. Did Jungle ever die, or did it just need to go back underground to grow?
I’m sorry to say but yes it did die and it’s a shame but that’s a good thing coz like the Phoenix who dies and only rise from its ashes to be reborn stronger then it’s every been. Now is our time and we’re reborn!!

What’s your proudest musical moment so far?
For and there’s no simple way for me to say this, But it’s just seeing everyone loving jungle music every time I doing a set and you the people who pay your hard earned money to support all us artists in entertaining you all  are the proudest moments for me buy far..

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