Review of Zion Train’s Versions

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The always amazing Zion Train have been touring across the world and to celebrate they are releasing their 3rd remix album “Versions”.

Buy the album online here.

Let’s deal with the Jungle side of this album first.

Raise a Voice – Jinx in Dub Remix

Dub loops resonate, filters faze in and then we’re off. A laid back lilting paced track with vocals keeping the reggae flow. But it’s not Jungle time yet, a quick break downa and then the familiar breakbreat kicks in and the pace is stepped up. Airhorns, sun soaked vocals, a crisp breakbeat and a heavy bass. What more could you want?

No ID – Fleck Remix
Fleck always kills it and this is no exception. Subtly building up a dub soundscape as horns creap in and a slow reggae beat builds up along with the vocals. Then a crisp amen pops up out of nowhere. Breakdowns with vocals and reggae vibes fade in and out, a proper Jungle morning after beach vibe.

No ID – Dub FX remix
Stepping up the pace a little, Dub FX takes the remix in a more dancefloor direction, destroying the bassline, killing the beats. Some Festival stomping reggae business. Killer!

The rest of the alum features remixes from Vibronics, Numa, NDC, Radikal Guru and Dumatix to name a few. It’s a baeutiful journey through a reggae and dub soundscape that you need in your life. If you love Jungle with a bit of Reggae then this is the one for you.

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