Run Tingz Remixes Volume 2 review

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Run Tingz Remixes Volume 2 review by Walshy Selecta

Four Run Tingz tracks get the remix treatment on RTZD013 just in time for summer. Featured are some of the most successful tracks in the label’s history, going back as far as the fifth in 2011. Run Tingz Cru have enlisted the capable talents of Serum, Levela, Gold Dubs & Koznik & Khavy to give their take on four classic riddims that shaped the label over the past half-decade bringing 4 classic tracks bang up to date for the masses!

Track 1

Serial Killaz and Run Tingz Cru ft Tenor fly and Blackout JA – Murder ya sound (Sreum remix)

Serum goes to work on this one bringing this originally released in 2011 riddim bang into the future. Taking on the undeniable might of the late Tenor Fly’s vocal onslaught, Serum has transformed this track into a half step stabathon that is a world away from the original release and a sound that is gaining momentum within the scene. Nice chilled out intro with a few things going on, Tenor Fly’s vocal leads us into a half step stabathon with loads of little sound effects coming in and out with a hark to his track Wiretrap in the 2nd part of the bass arrangement. A track that has been sitting in the wings for a while and is great to see it get a release.

Track 2

Run Tingz Cru ft David Boomah and Blackout JA – It’s a junglist thing (Levela remix)

Levela doing his thing with this one originally released in 2012. Junglistical intro leading us to the drop when it all goes Jump up baby! Utilizing the top noth vocals from David Boomah and Blackout JA to excellent effect. #Heavy

Track 3

Run Tingz Cru ft Lady Fyah and Solo Banton – Took my breath away (Gold Dubs remix)

This tune was a big summertime anthem back in 2012 and its nice to hear recent label regular Gold Dubs on the buttons working with the vocals of Lady Fyah and Solo Banton, deep rolling bassline in the breakdown with a nicely placed horn lick and a smooth transition the tune kicks in to maximum effect, Gold Dubs has produced another Summertime anthem for 2016!

Track 4

Run Tingz Cru ft Tenor Fly and Lady MC – Drop Call (Koznik and Khavey remix)

Hailing from Belgium, Koznik and Khavy provide us with the releases 2nd injection of Jump up. Utilising the immense vocal power of the late Tenor Fly in the build up to make for a captivating intro, when this one drops, it drops! peak time blow out bizniz in effect with nice work in the breakdown using the reggae samples.

Something for all Junglists in this release, make sure you grab it today!


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