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MC Det has been involved in the Jungle scene since way back in the rave days, when he used to MC on the then pirate Drum n Bass radio station Kool FM.

His first Jungle MC album was ‘Out of Det’ released on Sour Records in 1995. The album saw success not only in the UK but across America, Japan and Europe. He has also recorded albums and tracks with numerous artists including Red Snapper and Cut la Roc showing a diverseness and versatility that demonstrates that he isn’t limited to only jungle and drum n bass music. His last album available on Times Two Records was called ‘Knights of the MC’ and features Skibbadee, Dynamite MC, Ed Solo and the legendary Ragga Twins.

A seasoned performer he has gigged extensively and toured with the likes of Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem and Red Snapper who were the supporting act for Prodigy (Smack Your Bitch Up Tour), Massive Attack & Bjork. TV work includes an appearance on The Jools Holland Show with Red Snapper. Widely recognised as one of the UKs top mcs in the jungle scene he still appears every weekend in clubs and big raves up and down the country and continues to perform on Kool FMs most popular show every Sunday from 9-11pm with his longtime partner of 20 years DJ Brockie.

Det is currently working with Brockie and top producers Potential Bad Boy and Wickerman, and also big international producer/artist Timberland. Loads of new releases set for 2014.

Projects/releases include:

“Gimme A Sign” Potential Bad Boy ft MC Det, Junior Dangerous & Alice Grace
“Repo Clan” Visionary Underground ft MC Det
“Knights Of The MCs” Volume 1 (Times Two)
“Jungle Owes Me Money” EP (Times Two)
“Out Of Det” album (SOUR Records)

Tracks on:

“Making Bones” album Red Snapper
“Our Aim Is To Satisfy” Red Snapper

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