Junglist Network Sponsored Musicians and Artists

We Love all things Jungle and are always keen to get involved with artists, dj’s, mc’s, musicians, skaters, bmxers, anyone who is influenced by and represents Jungle.

We will always lend our promotional support to them and of course send a few t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags or jackets there way. It doesn’t matter how famous they are, or what they do, if we think they embody the spirit of Jungle then we are proud to have them represent us.

Sponsored Junglist DJ’s

DJ’s are at the heart of the Jungle scene. We are proud to be involved with some of the original legends from back in the day as we well as new emerging talent.

We love nothing more than seeing a DJ tearing a club apart with some dark Jungle vibes while rocking one of our Junglist tees.

  • Aries

    DJ Aries is a true international Junglist and we are always happy to keep him looking fresh on his Jungle journey

  • Benny Page

    Benny Page is a genre pushing ragga Junglist and has pushed the sound into new dimensions with his own label and releases.

  • DJ Pilgrim

    DJ Pilgrim is one of the Midlands sickest old skool dj’s, these days he pushes the Jungle sound and his graffiti and represents us in style.

  • DJ Twitch
    DJ Twitch

    our 2017 DJ Competition winner and badass scratch DJ. Still creating Jungle scratch videos for us regularly.

  • Dr S Gachet
    Dr S Gachet

    Dr S Gachet has worn out clothing since we first opened shop. He is one of the scenes original artists and has always pushed it forward in new directions.

  • Erb N Dub
    Erb N Dub

    Erb N Dub is an original and pioneering drum and bass dj with a unique sound, often to be found wearing one of our camo jackets or tees and we love him for it.

    • Hundread

      Hundread is our 2019 DJ Competition winner.

    • Jumpin Jack Frost
      Jumpin Jack Frost

      Jumpin Jack Frost is an original Old Skool Jungle Don.  We are always very proud to have him wearing our Jackets and Tees.

      • Kelvin 373
        Kelvin 373

        Kelvin 373 is fast becoming an institution in the Jungle scene. Head honcho at Born on Road and badass DJ.

      • Mark Archer (Altern 8)
        Mark Archer (Altern 8)

        Mark Archer, the man behind the mask. One of the original members of Altern 8 and one of UK’s leading electronic artists.

      • Marvellous Cain

        Marvellous Cain, since his anthemic release The Hitman, he has never looked back. His label Yardrock RIQ goes from strength to strength and we collaborate with him on a range of products.

      • Nicky Blackmarket
        Nicky Blackmarket

        Nicky Blackmarket is one of the most prolific DJ’s still on the scene, keeping the Jungle vibe going every weekend, usually rocking one of our tees.

      • Ray Keith
        Ray Keith

        Ray Keith is a Dred Bass legend, his label, releases and DJ’ing helping to change and shape the scene today.

      • Uncle dugs

        Uncle Dugs is a true Junglist pioneer. From his Ribena Jungle nights to his RCFF Rinse FM show. He has always supported us and we are happy to see him wearing our jackets and streetwear

      • Walshy Selecta
        Walshy Selecta

        Walshy Selecta was our first DJ Competition winner. Beating of fierce competition, his mix CD sold out in record time.

        Junglist Network sponsored MC’s and Vocalists

        The voice of Jungle, Mc’s and vocalists are of course a key part of the Jungle scene, from originators like the Ragga Twins, Fearless and Navigator through to more recent firestarters. We love to sponsor and help to push their Jungle sound to as many Junglists as possible.

        • David Boomah

          David Boomah is one of the scenes great vocalist, he is always rocking one of our hats or tees and his recent solo releases have pushed his sound into new dimensions.

        • Gardna

          Bristol based MC and lyricist has been going from strength to strength. His solo album “Good time not a long time” smashing it for him 2019.

          • Madrush MC
            Madrush MC

            Manchester based Madrush MC has been a recent supporter of our clothing. Having hung up his headphones he is taking is vocal talents to the next level.

            • MC Fearless

              MC Fearless is the original Junglist party starter, smashing out his original vocal sounds across the world every weekend.

            • Navigator MC

              Navigator MC, his voice has crossed more genres than this globe trotting Junglist. From his work with the Freestylers through to his own releases he never stops in his relentless vision.

            • Ragga Twins

              The Ragga Twins harmonies float across genres, from EDM through to Drum and Bass, their sound touches everyone.

            Junglist Network Sponsored Musicians

            We love to sponsor unique artists and musicians and have them create original videos and content, while of course wearing one of our Junglist T-Shirts.

            • Beat Technique
              Beat Technique

              Beat Technique is a truly sick beatboxer and we are very proud to have him repping Jnglst Clothing

              • Sage Jungle DnB Drummer
                Sage Jungle DnB Drummer

                Sage the drummer is one of our most prolific artists, he creates unique drum covers of Jungle tracks and plays at festivals and events across the UK.