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Chopstick Dubplate are back with another remix package for the masses, 5 tracks in total, 2 Reggae and 3 Junglistical all featuring the vocal talents of Cheshire Cat, and excellently named Chopstick in Wonderland with some really kool artwork, heres whats going down musically…

Chopstick Dubplate ft Cheshire Cat – I’m sure (King Yoof remix)

Up 1st King Yoof nices up I’m sure with his mellow vibe teqnique. Lyrics from Cheshire Cat ride nice over the musical arrangement, one for the quickly approaching summertime.

Chopstick Dubplate ft Cheshire Cat – Just the Herbs (Aries and Murda remix)

This one has a big message I’m sure all Herblists can relate to and of course expect some top notch production as we roll thru the Herblist motto as directed by Mr Cat. If you know the original this one is a welcome upgrade.

Chopstick Dubplate ft Cheshire Cat – Police Officer (Sticky Joe remix)

Sticky Joe gets to work with this one leading us on a Reggae merryment, this is a lovely piece of intrumental work with Cheshire Cats catchy lyrics intertwined, t another tune that is gona get rinsed at the BBQ parties this Summer.

Chopstick Dubplate + Gold Dubs ft Cheshire Cat – Troddin’ On (Jinx remix)

This one is a sure fire banger that will definitely raise the temperature on the dancefloor as Jinx adds his unique touch. This remix keeps the main influences of the original except the bassline is more spacious with an extra layer added for good measure, lots of intricate little touches has Jinx making this tune his own in fine style, one for the dancefloor!

Chopstick Dubplate ft Cheshire Cat – Bounty Hunter (Rahmanee remix)

This one is quite a step away from the original and I’m definitely feeling the transition, if you ask me Rahmanee has cracked it with version, totally stripped back with prominent crystal clear bassline with nice effects and emphasis on the vocal. I’ve also got mention it kicks back in real nice after the breakdown, if I had to pick 1 track from the E.P this would be it! Top marks.

Overall a wicked release, make sure you grab your copy when it hits the online download store on April 11th

Review by Walshy Selecta

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