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Congo Natty – Jungle Revolution album review

Buy the Congo Natty album direct from the Big Dada Record label.

Congo Natty aka Rebel MC has had such a massive impact on Jungle recently.

His latest album Jungle Revolution combines many of the UK’s finest reggae ragga vocalists and Jungle producers. It reads like a roll call for junglists.

The album is a journey through the mindscape of Congo Natty and the sounds that influence him. Heavily Reggae influenced as always with Ragga vocals covering most of the album.

It’s so refreshing to see original Jungle being produced and Congo Natty is leading the way on this front.

Taking Jungle back to it’s roots and rebuilding it as a live musical form. Not just a sampled electronic form as it originated.

‘Get Ready’ has to be one of the big stand out tracks.

Original Junglist!

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