Marvellous Cain talks about shooting the video for Higher Ground

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Higher ground was originally written by Martin Carr and Charles Jay. There are mixes from Marvellous Cain, Collide and Global Brockout on the EP being released on 26/09/16. It is Marvellous Cain’s mix featured in the video.

The main concept was thought up by Marvellous Cain, it was inspired by “The Bourne Identity” and that style of action film. The plan was a USB stick would be handed to a free runner who would be chased through the city to his destination. YardRock didn’t want to do the typical DnB/Jungle video of the artists performing in a party somewhere. They decided it had to have a story line and really wanted to set the bar with their video. It is the first video they have shot for any of the releases on the label and felt to start as they mean to go on.

YardRock were put in contact with an awesome team of free runners.

Lead by Reece and Jordy, both free runners, actors and accomplished gymnasts who have worked all over Europe for companies such as Adidas, Sky Sports, Top Man, Euro Sports and many other reputable brands. Also in the team we’re fellow free runners Lewis and Johnny who helped with the screen play and choreography.

The video was shot by David Blackman of Rapture and directed by Marvellous Cain. David and Marv also did all the editing and post production on Final Cut Pro. Again Marv had a vision of how it should look from filters to edits that would really create the vibe and feeling to accompany the music.

The video shoot took place over two days in Basingstoke, mainly around the town centre. The location was perfect for the free runners with plenty of scope for them to go wild with their tricking and free running. The runners were local to the area and knew of some great spots to shoot, Jordy and Reece took the story board and literally ran with it.

The costumes were provided by Matt from who does all the clothing and merchandise/apparel for YardRock. The clothing line is all available from the website.

Most of the YardRock artists are featured in the video, YR manager and artist Keith ‘rinse it’, Global Brockout’s Interceptor and BaBieDoLL, Inna Culture’s Mark C and JayJay, Matt from PhatPress and Sonna can all be seen in the video at different points. Taking centre stage for the video is vocalist and man behind the original mix of Higher Ground Martin Carr.

YardRock would like to take this chance to thank everyone involved in making this video and especially thank everyone who has watched, shared on social media and supported the video.

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