Did you Rave with David Cameron back in 88?

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Was David Cameron really raving at free parties in the late 80’s?

Over the last few years Illegal Parties have popped back into the headlines after a long absence.   But after the usual heavy handed Police clamp downs are they back off the radar again?

If the rumours floating around a few years ago about our Prime Minister are true, you’d think he might take a more lenient line. But then was it ever really him on the footage from one of the infamous Sunrise raves back in 88.

Did you go raving with David Cameron in 88?

David Cameron was born on October 9th 1966 and is 49 years old, he would have been 22 at the time of the Sunrise party in question.  Is it ok for a Prime Minister to take an E and dance around in a field if he wants to?

But this story is bigger and weirder than it first appears.  The party that “Dave the Rave” was meant to be at in 88 was a Sunrise party. Sunrise were legendary acid house promoters who took the headlines by storm in 88 and 89. Sunrise was run by the “acid house king” Tony Colston-Hayter, who recently hit the headlines again when he was found guilty of siphoning £.13 million from Barclays customers. But it was the man who got Sunrise the headlines back then that is connected to this story.


Paul Staines was the sunrise Pr man and around the same time the assistant to David Hart, one of Thatchers advisors. He has worked with the Global Growth Organisation while allegedly running the Guido Fawkes Blog which won the 2005 Guardian Political commentary blog award.  It was also responsible for leaking material that made Gordon Brown fire his advisor Damian McBride over a 2009 email smear scandal.

Sorry it all went a bit political there. Are you still with me?  The Guido Fawkes blog posted the footage of David Cameron at Sunrise under the heading “Is this a picture of a long haired 22 year-old David Cameron” he asked his readers to decide whether the man was the Tory leader.

The Tory party of course immediately denied everything, a spokesperson telling the Guardian that she had “no idea” if he attended the rave, while another “categorically denied” that it was him in the video to the Daily Mail.

Was the video an attempt by the ex acid house party pr man to undermine David Cameron, a sneaky way of keeping himself at the top end of the most popular blogs or just a random bit of footage that popped up one day?

The video was flagged up on Viceland.com as is simply titled “Acid House Sunrise 1988 Part 4”.

So, we thought we’d ask you, where you at Sunrise in 88, do you recognise this man or anyone else in the video? Or is it you, or your dad? Was he raving in 88 and looks a bit like this in old photos. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. info@junglistnetwork.com


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