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Remember the Roller gets a Picture Disc re-release

We team up with Dr S Gachet for a unique release, a re pressing of a Jungle Classic.

Remember the Roller was always to us a Classic Jungle anthem and in our top 20 playlist, so when Dr S Gachet spoke to us about re-pressing this Jungle gem, we of course got on board.

His vision was a one off collectors picture disc for all the fans of the track who wanted something original to have in these days of digital downloads.

The Music

We wanted to get the sound right, so all the tracks were mastered and then cut on lacquers for pressing, we hired the old skool original cutter, Shane the Cutter for the job and he created another beautiful sounding job. Onto the pressing plant which was based in Luton. Most pressing plants have shut down in the UK and we really wanted to keep it in England if we could. We found the perfect factory who were able to perfectly create our picture discs in all their glory. The test presses sounded amazing and we sent them out to a few key people with a good ear to hear their opinion. Everything came back very positively, so on we want to the main press.

The Artwork

A picture disc is of course all about the artwork, the artwork from the original release was of course not digital and was a paper version, so we needed to make it digital. The artwork for Audio Maze Recordings was originally by the old Skool legend of rave flyers and design PEZ.  The artwork for the cover had been done by someone Gachet had worked with for years. So we re-draw the logos, which took a lifetime as Pez’s cog artwork is very intricate, when we were happy with that, it went off to the original designer for his reworking of the classic.

The Release

For the release, we hired an office in London and set up a photo shoot of Dr S Gachet hand signing the first 50 copies. They sold out in minutes and after a great shoot we shipped the all out across the World.

We launched the photos on line and started spreading the word about the release, the copies were soon flying out and within 4 days we had sold 400 copies. We gave away a couple of copies on social media and some radio shows and sent a few more the some artists. Everyone seemed happy with their copy and we felt we had done the original recording justice in it’s new form.

Mutants and White Labels

We new that picture discs were slightly lower quality at producing a perfect sound, so for the audiophiles out there we decided to produce a limited run of white label vinyl. These would produce a higher quality sound and could be played more. They sold out in no time.

Due to a slightly odd miscommunication we also ended up with 50 mutant vinyl’s. The order for a white label got mixed with the picture discs and a giant picture disc white label mutant was born. They sold out in under a day too, the final collectors edition, a limited edition mutant of some kind.

There are still a very small handful of Picture Discs left. You can buy one direct from us here. 

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