Review of Black Pepper EP on RIQ Yardrock

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Review of Black Pepper EP out on RIQ Yardrock Records

Narcs – No Ice Cream Sound
Hard Hitting from the offset, Furious Killer breakbeats smash their way across the ragga “No ice Cream Sound” ragga vocals. The breakdown takes us down a lilting reggae soundscape with the vocals over the top before slamming us back with the amens. A Dancefloor destroyer!

Ikon-B & Crisis – Run it Rudeboy
If someone in the 90’s made a Junglist computer game, it would sound like this! The industrial sounding intro builds up and kicks off with a crazy sounding riff, like a camo covered pacman. Samples drop over it (maybe when you collect a mic on level 2). It builds into a ferocious monster before dropping back into a breakdown of trippy little scuttling arcade madness, “Run it Rudeboy”. The build up is amazing and when it kicks off it, there are going to more than a few Rewinds…..

Mark C – Tune Fi Tune
It starts of sounding like a nice chilled Reggae Jungle number, don’t be fooled. Dark Basslines, “Pull up Badman” samples create a storm of hectic Jungle rhythms. Dark and relentless, the drop will knock you off your feet. Hardcore Ragge Jungle and not for the light hearted!

Merrix, Suspicious B and Papa G – Baby Tonight ft Bitty McLeon
These 3 are showing people how it’s done. Combining the Reggae Sound and some original sampling with some tough beats and amazing vocals. The perfect mix, not too dark and heavy, not too light and fluffy. Goldilocks would pick this one if it was a porridge! This is going to be doing the rounds at festivals this summer. Big Track, Big Vocal. Big Production team up!

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