Review of Fokus Big Bassline EP

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Fokus – Big Bassline EP review

Track 1 -Big Bassline – Minimal and dark. Starting things off slowly until the elastic sounding “ bass line” kicks in. Atmospheric noises warp in and out, old skool samples drop in and out. A soundscape of Bassline insanity, one for the minimal darker jungle crew. You know who you are!

Track 2 – Danger – Reggaetastic kick off, dripping with Dub. Before it kicks in with the beats. A wobbly little roller starts to build, reggae and dub noises float in with a haunting little vocal lurking in the background. If we’re going to stick a label on it, maybe Dub N Bass is the one. Sounds like the exciting bit at the end of a reggae festival where the DJ decides to put something on with some energy. Sick stuff.

Track 3 – Give People – Rolling beats, bleepy intelligent proto jungle, the bassline keeps up the pace, big track.

Track 4 – Killa Sound – the pace gets picked up. Old Skool noises kick things off with a tough beat, in kicks the bass. Old skool samples pop in and out giving the track that immediately recognisable vibe. “Killa” vocals drop in and out of subspace, while the bass line and synths take you down memory lane.

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