Review of Jam Thieves Thug Life EP

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Overall this EP left me wanting to hear more of the tracks I liked and forget about the rest. Jam Thieves have produced some really good DnB tracks here which I’m sure will be well received by the masses but in the same breath some tracks felt a bit too Dubsteppy for me and in place a bit samey. I couldn’t shake the feeling throughout that every track was a little bit like the last one I’d heard. “Battle Tank” and “Hard Life” were personal favourites of mine but I found myself craving a track which sounded different, something to break the EP up and deliver a different vibe – this EP needed a “Smoke Weed” or “Moby Dick” type of track from their previous EP’s.

Review by Adam Pridmore

Thug Life:

As opening tracks go, this one left me slightly confused about what to expect with the rest of the EP. A slow and steady build up failed to deliver the hard, fast and energetic drop that I expected, instead you’re left with something that feels far more Dubstep that Drum n Bass. However, the track is catchy and in places touches on some late 90’s DnB vibes with a few deep vocals added to bring it all together!


When you call a track, “Skank” you need to produce something that’s going to make your audience do just that…and this track doesn’t disappoint. With an edgy and slightly old skool feel which is marginally reminiscent of “Bambaata” in places this track has a great beat and progressive rolling bassline which only makes you want to do one thing – “Skank”!


Quick, sharp and deep – this track brings a great vibe which switches effortlessly between something that feels softer and carries a slight “Ready or Not” vibe to something dark and moody like “Warhead”. A bit slow in places but with great build ups and drops this is the sort of track that leaves you toe-tapping and head bopping without even realising it! It’s refusal to commit to ‘soft’ or ‘dark’ is the genius of this track as it flirts with both sides like Luke Skywalker after half a dozen pints!

Battle Tank:

For me, this was the stand out track on the EP! It was hard and heavy from the off and felt like a true DnB tune! With echoes, drums and a furious bassline which kicks in like a size 12 coming through your front door at 3am in the morning this is one for the DnB purest amongst you!

Gun Machine:

This feels a bit like the previous track and could be maybe considered a little bit too similar. However, if this was modelled in any way on “Battle Tank” this would have to be considered it’s darker, slightly more evil and twisted twin. Good builds up and deep dark drops help this track be just different enough to enjoy it without thinking “haven’t I just heard this track?”

Hard Life:

With a growling bassline and static scratchy background beat this track has a lot of depth and interchanges between long, soft pauses to fast, energetic explosions of bass. A sure fire favourite for all DnB heads!

Las Vegas:

This track felt quite messy and unbalanced, almost like it was stuttering to get to the good bits but without ever actually getting there. Long build ups of 80’s style synth created great tension in the track but after the drop the beat was so fast and unpredictable I couldn’t settle into it. Far from the best on the EP.

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