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Well here it is, the long awaited “Potential Badboy” album, from the original veteran Chris McFarlane, AKA Potential Badboy.

In the scene from day one, Chris offers us his eclectic mix of sounds that have shaped his musical style and talents.

From Dub to Reggae and Jungle vibes, this is a fine offering and not to be missed.

Out now in the playaz store.

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Review By The Hype

Track 1 Revolution – (feat  Demolition Man & Show Stevens)

Kicking off the album with a bubbling vibe from the off!!

Big bassline, addictive drum patterns, organ and sweet vocal that absolutely smashes it. Head down and moving in all the dark corners, with revolution on your mind.

Track 2 Beat of the Ghetto (feat Junior Dangerous)

Similar rhythm intro style. The bassline grips you up straight away and flows into the vocal of Junior Dangerous. Distorted enough to twist you up, with vocals to keep you moving with style.

Track 3 Natty

Classic Jungle style intro and atmosphere that breaks into an echoed vocal, building up the vibe. Understated drop and the darkest track so far. Minimal, simple, bad boy bassline roller.

Track 4 Hot in Here (feat Mc Det, Alice Grace & Junior Dangerous)

Deep intro that then takes you up beat with a female vocal and that infamous sound of Mc Det. Twisted atmosphere, bass, break and the speed of tongue, spitting bars back to back.

Track 5 Start Moving (feat Mc Fats)

Sweet vocal kicks us off and into an original style, with addictive bassline and 1940’s trumpet sound that is so fresh. Behind the sweet vocal, madness is building to a great double bass chopped up break, that will definitely have you bouncing.

Track 6 Sound Boy (feat Mc Det, Alice Grace & Junior Dangerous)

Wayward and naughty sounding bassline with a commanding Mc and chopped up Amen break.  Sweet female vocal, horns and bleeps are combined with that dance hall sound. So twisted, minimal and full of vibes.

Track 7 You’re Mine (Annix Remix)

Change of pace. Upbeat vocal with soothing piano organ for the twisted lovers. Dirty bassline that builds underneath, occasionally raising its filthy head over that break and drop. Simple loved up vibes, a party starter.

Track 8 Rub a Dub (feat Mc Fats)

More sinister and dub sounding vibes ready for a drop that builds atmosphere.  Sweet drums into a vocal and dark dark bassline that is full of intention and attitude. Wobbly bassline with crafted yet simple, escalating break that is sure to go off everywhere.

Track 9 Gangster VIP (feat Junior Dangerous)

Straight into the darkness, with attitude, superb bars and a fresh rolling break that keeps building.

Track 10 Ride it (feat Donna Mcfarlane)

Simple yet sweet female vocal with dirty bassline that sets up Armageddon.  Nasty rolling beats and pattern, with plenty of sugar on top. Haunting bassline, so step up and stand strong with this one.

Track 11 I Need a Roof (VIP Refix)

Taking you back to that traditional, simple sound and vocal, with a sweet Jungle bassline and drum pattern. Vibes!!

Track 12 Gimme Da Rhythm (feat Mc Fats)

Atmospheric intro and rewind into vocal and deep bassline with style fuelled break pattern. Builds to hook you in, with sweet but simple bars from Mc Fats.

Track 13 Take a While (feat Josh Bevan & Hazel Soze)

Young vocal and nice break pattern and bassline with synth and piano that works well.

Track 14 Watch Di Ting (feat Demolition Man)

Back to the traditional, with Mc and a sweet wobbly bassline. Pick up your feet to the contagious drum breaks and sweet bars. With rumbling thunder bassline and female accompanying vocal, equals more quality vibes.

Track 15 Girls – (Step Mix)

Classic bassline you all know that twists as it builds.  Distorted Mc, combined with the chopped Amen, twisted horns, give this a top vibe.

Track 16 Cyant Stop Mi (feat Junior Dangerous)

Whistles and chants that rewind into a sinister bassline and cool sound that eases you in.  Dancehall meets Junglisitc vibes and Mc.  Bassline thunder and break is sure to smash things up.

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