Review of Turno’s Badman Nah Beg Fren on Serial Killaz

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Serial Killaz – Badman Nah Beg Fren by Turno

Turno’s new track on the unstoppable Serial Killaz label, is a straight up Ragga Jungle hard hitter. After lulling you in a false sense of security with some nice sounding old skool chords. The Ragga vocal starts to build the pace of the track, it drops off to a crisp sounding amen and old skool bassline and changes the tone for a moment. It breaks back down to the original chords and ragga vocals and a gentle amen rolls in, to give an amazing little vocal and break build up, but it never kicks into the mayhem you think it’s going to, instead it rolls back into minimal clean crispness.

“Bounty Killah” is the next track by Turno and Dominator. Dark as you like. Dog barks and sinister basslines rule the track, a trippy darkside voyage into the mind of a Junglist.

“Roald Dahl” by Turno keeps things moving down the darksider of Jungle. Warbling Basslines destroy your eardrums while old skool sounding samples stab in and out. A little darker, as Bassman would say!

“Elevation Status” takes things in a different direction vocally, with lyrics from Zedo, the Bassline is mental. If it doesn’t rip you apart nothing will. The Hip Hop style lyrics slip over it neatly, but it’s pure dancefloor bass speaker relentless mayhem.

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