Review of Rahmanee’s “Bad Boy Steppa EP” on Born on Road records

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Review of Rahmanee’s “Bad Boy Steppa EP” on Born on Road records

Coming out of Serbia, Rahmanee is the latest artist to join the eclectic ranks of Born on Road Records. As usual the release crosses genres like they don’t exist and smashes their way through your brain with catchy hooks and crazy basslines.

Listen on Soundcloud.

Bad Boy Steppa
Starting off with a mashup reggae film soundtrack moment, the vocal hook “you gotta watch your step” slides into Jungle Bass mayhem, a deep bassline bounces around while vocals bounce in and out. Simple crisp amens keep things moving as we “pull up” to the breakdown where he flips it back to the reggae side of things. But not for long, taking things through hyperspace with some bleepy little interstellar samples and then back to that warm deep bassline and occasional samples funky riff. Big.

Wine it up – Featuring Junior Dangerous
Kicking off with Junior Dangerous lyrical skills, while a fanfare of horn build up the pace behind, as the bass line kicks in, it’s got that Jamaican rhythm and feel to it. But then comes the Jungle…..
The kick builds up to some jungle dnb beats that send the track flying off in another direction. Half way through the track the two parts meet and we’re off, Jungle classic.

Stopper VIP
Bit of a DnB smasher this one. Mental basslines, warping squidgy basslines and general dancefloor mayhem… you know the drill. All about the vocal and beat build up after the breakdown….. Dangerous.

Pon Di Sound
Some nice relaxing pianos and a light beat. Sitting outside Café Del Mar you sip your cocktail and have a drag of your joint. This is some kind of ambient Jungle business, trippy floating amens waft in and out of your consciousness as you expand your mind.

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