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Vinyl Junkie and Rachael EC’s new track “Fade Away” with David Boomah

The next release on Asbo sees Bristol based DJ and producer Vinyl Junkie team up with veteran DnB DJ Rachel E C and David Boomah, an artist who needs no introduction! On the 2nd track we have Vinyl Junkie teaming up with Sanxion so read on to check out what’s going down!


Track 1

Vinyl Junkie and Rachel E C feat David Boomah – Fade Away

What a tuuuune! Starts off straight into a nice steppy Amen beat with a hint of Reggae flavours, a nice bass loop drops and, did someone say drumroll please?

POW! David Boomah’s instantly recognisable voice is heard kicking into action accompanied by the aforementioned beats and a very nice and tight deep bassline. Wicked arrangement by Rachel E C and the Vinyl Junkie and lets be honest when you throw David Boomah into the equation you know you have got a tune on your hands, and these guys have done Mr Boomah proper justice, as always expect words with a meaning and guidance!

A sure fire hit and another BIG release from the Asbo Recordings camp!


Track 2

Vinyl Junkie and Sanxion

Starts off with an eerie scientific futuristic feel with plenty going on, this one should be a pleasure to mix in! After the build up the vocal sample is the signal that the bass is about to drop… and yes we’ll have a bit of that please…

A nice subdued roller with plenty of bottom end to shake those bass bins, sweeeet.

Review by Walshy

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