DJ Aries

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DJ Aries is an original and far reaching Jungle DJ and producer. He has immersed himself in the cultures of Reggae and Jungle for over 2 decades now and they have influenced his music accordingly. His integrity to his sound and dedication to the Jungle scene that have helped to push his career to new heights, making him the artist he is today

He deftly combines vintage reggae sounds with modern production values and gives it all his magic Jungle beats.  His style is unique and original, a rare dubwise strain combined with the strongest of homegrown Jungle genes.

He has released music on many legendary Jungle labels including Dread and V Recordings and has recorded a huge range of diverse vocal talent, from Top Cat to Johnny Osbourne. He DJ’s across the world and has played at ever festival worth it’s Jungle salt. He is a true ambassador of the Jungle sound.

In the 90’s he cut his teeth on Pirate stations in is hometown of Birmingham, where reggae always had a strong infuence on dance music. He organised his own events and started producing and recording and has never looked back.

He now releases solo tracks and collaborations, most notably with the rapidly becoming legendary Chopstick Dubplate. The world’s most original Junglistic crew, with Jacky Murda, Tuffist and King Yoof. They have gone from strength to strength recently and we are proud to product and sell their merchandise for them in our shop.

He constantly pushes the boundaries of music and has helped to keep the Jungle sound and more importantly the Jungle vibe alive today and has heavily influenced the scene.

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