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Junglist Network and Chopstick Dubplate Collab

We are amazing happily to show off our new collaboration with one of the most creative outfits to ever emerge from the Jungle Scene, Chopstick Dubplate. Over the last few years have been releasing ground breaking music and artistically have gone all out. With creative covers embodying the release in an old skool rock n roll kind of way. There tracks have a unique Jungle sound, combining all the elements of the artists involved into a harmony of Junglism. Their love shows take things to the next level and there is no stopping them. So we are very happy to be working with them.  We will be creating some fresh and original clothes for their fans to wear and helping to spread the word of Chopstick.

Chopstick Dubplate and their vibe

Chopstick Dubplate is a creative team of Jungle artists, Aries, Jacky Murda, Tuffist and King Yoof. They are based across the world and are true International Junglists. Taking Jamaican Sound system and UK Jungle sounds and adding their own sprinkle of beats and flavours. Their releases go from strength to strength, ranging from the brilliantly hilarious “Worldwide traveler” where Mr Williamz takes us through the highs and lows of flying with Ryan Air,  to the classic anthem Tonight. Their cover artwork alone is worth the purchase, with some truly original themed artwork. From homages to Spaghetti Westerns through the recent Rick and Morty album cover. Original and unique with a collective ear for the future of Jungle. Their recent performances at festivals in 2018, has cemented their live shows impact and we can’t wait to see what they have planned for us in the future.

Our Collab so far

We have released a 4 t-shirts with the iconic Chopstick design on, we have screen printed them all for a softer longer lasting print. We have a range of Tees with a small breast front print and a large print on the back. As well as a classic front large print for those who prefer things that way round. We also have a new sweatshirt out which is soft and warm and a great look for the Junglist this winter. We’ve shipped out their tees around the world to their fans and supporters. We have also released a Chopstick Sweatshirt, it’s hard wearing and soft with a big front print.

View the Chopstick Range now.

Our t-shirts are all high quality, heavy, loose fit T-shirts, with our Jnglst neck label and tags. You can order them exclusively from our online shop, if you are not happy in any way you can return them for a refund. We offer next day and Saturday UK delivery and deliver across the world.

The Future

We are very excited to be working on a few new items with the Chopstick crew. There is a bag coming out to hold you mp3 sticks and some new clothing and tees. In the future, Junglist network is going to be working closely with them, tying in their releases with some clothing releases on our website. Keep your eyes out for announcements from both of our sites on future releases.

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