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The original classic Bad boy Junglist T-Shirt.

Junglist Movement is an iconic T-Shirt from the days when Jungle exploded into the world. The design was created by Leke from Aerosoul Clothing.  He is a man with a keen eye for fashion and his ear to the underground. Leke’s iconic T-Shirt is as relevant and popular today as it was back in the day when it first came out.

It was the first T-Shirt we secured to sell on Junglist Network, we wanted to represent Jungle properly in our Junglist Streetwear shop. To do that we had to stock Junglist Movement, it wouldn’t be a Jungle store if we didn’t. Hundreds of T-Shirts later we are still proud to be an official stockist of Junglist Movement tees.  We always try to keep as many colours and sizes in stock, from small to Massive of course.

Jungle and Drum and Bass Clothing

What could represent Jungle Music and Drum and Bass better than the classic T-Shirt.  Always printed on high quality t-shirts and always long lasting, Aerosoul are a quality brand for quality people. They know fashion and their years of experience have allowed their brand to flourish. It has maintained it’s popularity when other brands have fallen at the wayside.

Since it’s appearance in the cult Danny Dyer film Human Traffic, the T-Shirt has represented the Junglist Massive and spread cemented the phrase and design in dance history. Human Traffic is one of Danny Dyer’s early films and one of his best performances. The film features an iconic scene, shot in the basement of the legendary (and now sadly closed) BlackMarket Records in Soho, London. The scene summed up Record Shop Culture, in all it’s nichey weirdness. In the scene the Record Shop worker is wearing of course, a red Junglist Movement T-Shirt.  This scene helped to propel Junglist Movement and Aerosoul Clothing to new heights and as the film became a Classic so did the Red Junglist Movement T-Shirt featured in it

We helped Aerosoul with the launch of their new Junglist club nights a few years ago. We always feel that we are part of the movement, so get the tee and join us all, join the movement.

Artists Wearing Junglist Movement

Aerosoul Classic Junglist Movement T-Shirt has been worn by hundreds of DJ’s,  MC’s, musicians and actors. Including Ben Soundscape, Bipolar Sunshine, Blizzard, Ayah Marar, Calibre, Daddy Skitz, DBridge, DJ Kana, DJ Empress, Jacob Banks, General Levy. As well as Normski, Phlow, Reece Noi, DJ Sarah Love, Shut up & Dance, Singing Fats, DJ Trah and many many more. The T-Shirt pops up on Television regularly and never seems to loose it’s popularity. It is to Jungle what the rolling stones tongue t-shirt is to rock n roll and we love it for it.

Junglist Movement at a Rave near You

You can never go to a DnB or Jungle rave without coming across a few people wearing the tee, normally an artist as well as a few Junglists.

It pops up on Television regularly and there is barely a Drum and Bass, Reggae or Bass event or Festival around the World where one of the performing artists won’t be proudly repping Junglist Movement on stage. A genuine iconic T-Shirt representing one of the most underrated genres.  Jungle has spread it’s sound far beyond it’s original boundaries and Aerosoul and Junglist Movement have helped this happen.

Got any Jungle?

We always stock a full range of official Aerosoul Junglist Movement tees.   We sometimes have hoodies and other goodies when we can fit them in our bulging warehouse. We will be stocking more items towards the end of 2018. The t-shirts are amazing quality with a great quality screen print on them. Aerosoul Clothing is all about the quality and you can really see why they have lasted so long in the ever changing world of fashion, music and subculture.

See our Full Collection in our online Jungle and Drum and Basss Clothing Shop

We hope to be expanding our Junglist Movement Clothing range to contain even more items in the very near future. If there is anything you are interested in, please feel free to drop us an email and ask.


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