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The Dread Jnglst Clothing Collaboration

We are very happy to announce the release of our new Dread Jnglst Collaboration, we have created a fresh and original collection of T-Shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that we are sure will be loved by Original Junglists and people new to the world of Junglism.

Who are Dread Recordings?

Dread Recordings is a legendary Jungle, Drum and Bass label run by Ray Keith. Starting way back in 92 / 93, Dread has always been a cutting edge label bringing through fresh talent and massive anthems. Ray and Dread have released some of Jungle’s biggest anthems, including Terrorist, the Chopper and Yes Yes. Dread Recordings have helped shape the Drum and Bass world and are still releasing enormous tracks, an unstoppable force of music.

Ray’s positive attitude to music, carries through into his label. His enthusiasm has allowed Dread to flourish while others have fallen and after over 25 years the label is as big, fresh and relevant as ever.

Dread recently remastered and repressed loads of classic tracks, as the Jungle and vinyl resurgence knows now bounds. They continue to release current and relevant material as they have done since way back in 92. Originators and innovators who helped to mould the scene as it is today. 25 years in the making, Dread is a label that we have always loved and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them.

The Collaboration

We wanted to give the infamous Dread logo a Jnglst reworking, we started to design a series of new Jnglst text logo to match up with the Dread text and then begun incorporating our Camouflage pattern into the Dread.

We ended up with several takes on the Dread logo, we picked 4 that we thought old and new Junglists would love equally. We think the camouflage really pops off the tees and hope you love them as much as we do.

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The Finished Product

We decided to keep things simple with classic black and white t-shirt to give a crisp finish and let the camo really show it’s true colours.

We also went for a sports grey sweatshirt which looks really fresh with the Camo Dread Jnglst design on it, the sweats have a nice soft feel and will keep you warm this winter.

We have a new hoodie which we think everyone will love, it’s got a super soft big hoodie, nice chunky drawstrings (we have a pet hate for metal and shoelace ones) and hangs really nicely, they look great with some camo print on and we have printed on the front (white logo) and back.

The Photo Shoot

A streetwear collection wouldn’t be much without a clothing shoot. We joined Ray at some industrial wasteland just down the road from Brick Lane for a quick photo shoot to show him repping our new collab. With a freshly trimmed beard, Ray rocked his way through a few locations in all the different items from the collection. The photos from the shoot will be up on our facebook page soon.

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