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THTC Jnglst Clothing Collaboration

We’ve always loved THTC, The Hemp Trading Company and their take on fashion. From their classic Drum and Bass designs like Amen Break through to their more political and satirical tees. They have always found the right balance between music, politics and clothing.  Helped by the fact that many of their products are made from hemp, is a massive selling point for us.

A bit about THTC

THTC launched onto the World in 1999 by the Lawson brothers. It soon found it’s niche between underground music and streetwear in the UK very quickly. They are currently ranked as the most ethical menswear brand in the UK by the Ethical Consumer magazine, which is quite the achievement.  They have worked with hundreds of amazing artists creating original designs printed on organic clothing.  As well as on their slightly rarer hemp range products. They have been heavily involved with range of musicians, actors, poets and dj’s around the world.  Who have found their ethical message and designs appealing. From Ed Sheeran to Rag N Bone man, to Woody Harrelson and everyone in between. They continue to go from strength to strength with fresh new lines. Recently introducing more up cycling ranges and amazing collaborations (not just ours, although of course ours is the best one).

THTC and Junglist Network

We have sold THTC T-Shirts since we first launched our online shop a few years ago, we initially sold their legendary Amen Break T-Shirt as well as their Stevie Hyper D T-Shirt. Soon our shop went onto having a ltd edition Amen Break T-Shirt made with silver print, that flew off the virtual shelves in no time. We wanted to continue on with the success of this relationship so started working on a collaborative design with THTC to sell on both our sites. Recently we’ve added an exclusive brown THTC Save the Jungle T-Shirt to our site.

Our Collaboration

We desperately wanted to get some of our new T-Shirts made in Hemp. Everyone loves THTC’s Hemp tees, they are truly eco and style combined in one.  Junglist Network loves their fantastic tees, so we planned our line with them to release with their next Hemp range. The Tee design was created from the fantastical mind of The Tribes, who came up with his take on a THTC, Jnglst Soundsystem collab. The finished design looked sick.  After a few experiments with different coloured t-shirt and prints, we settled on our favourites and off to the printer they went. The finished T-shirts look fresh and original and have been worn by some massive artists already. We decided to both sell one colour exclusively in both hemp and organic cotton.

THTC has now sold out of their bottle green Jnglst THTC T-Shirts in hemp, but there are still a few remaining in organic cotton in their online shop.

Our shop has some organic cotton t-shirts left and a few hemp ones too, all on a Black Tee with yellow and green print.

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