Our new Bamboo Watch has arrived

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The Jnglst Bamboo Watch Mark II

We’ve been working on our Mark II Bamboo Watch for over a year now and we are very happy to announce the final product is here and ready to go on sale.

Our First Release

We released a Ltd edition Bamboo Watch just under 2 years ago, which sold out very quickly and proved very popular. We had some great feedback from them and Junglists from around the world where rocking their watches with pride.  Some of the watches reported a slight weakness in where the strap joined the watch face, so we decided to work on a new version which would be even stronger than the first.

The New Watch

The first priority in making our new watch was to make a more robust and long lasting watch. We tried several different manufacturers and shapes and styles to see what gave us a stronger watch and after road testing the watches for weeks, we had a clear winner. It was made of slightly harder bamboo, with a slightly smaller face and strap giving the joins extra strength.

Next the watch face design, we love our last design, but wanted to do something a little freshers for the Mark II. So we set about finding a new way to place our logo on the face of the bamboo watch. We found a way to manufacture tiny metal Jnglst logos which would fit perfectly on the watch face. They looked amazing and after a few tests we were happy with the final face look for the Mark II.

We had some new Bamboo boxes designed, with a circular shape, made entirely out of Bamboo and with our logo engraved in the lid. To finish off the look, we had a thick hemp style cushion made for the watch to sit on, it’s always important to make a watch that is comfortable on a nice cushion.

With all of that done, the Mark II was born and it’s a thing of beauty.

Our Bamboo Watch goes on sale

On Saturday the 8th of September our new Mark II Bamboo Watch goes on sale. They are very limited edition and we have only made 200, we will not be re-making this version of the watch, so once they are gone, that’s it.

We will be selling them at a slightly reduced into price to all our fans and members before they go on mass release sale at their normal price. We are super excited about the release of this watch and hope you are too. If you Love Jungle and love a bit of Bamboo then this is the one for you.

We also have two other watches on sale at the moment. Our Bamboo and Canvas strapped watch is a great look and our more hard wearing, stainless steel, water resistant watch is perfect for the more outdoors flavour of Junglist.

Time is crucial for the modern Junglist and what more conveniant way of checking what time it is than our watch. It is of course, Jungle Time! But then isn’t it always.

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