Review of ‘At Last’ by Marvellous Cain and Dope Ammo

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More quality Jungle from the Yardrock familly – At Last

Out now, buy “At Last” online.

“At last, Jungle music has come back around” sings Amiah in a style reminiscent of 1920’s American Jazz and indeed it has. Helped along with labels like Yardrock, who are pushing the lyrically original Jungle sound hard at the moment.  Tough beats and a kind of Jazzy Reggae feel, promo says dancehall but I don’t think that’s giving it it’s dues.

This track wouldn’t sound out of place being performed live at the Jazz Cafe, or tearing up the dancefloor at a massive Jungle rave. The ragga lyrics that drop just add another dimension to the track.

This track is going to appeal to a broader audience than some Jungle tracks and that’s the beauty of the new wave of Jungle. It transcends the original genre without selling out or becoming commercialised.  Organic sounding bass music for your listening pleasure, Jungle is changing and this is one of many possible futures! Buy it, buy it now!

Marvellous Cain and Dope Ammo

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