Review of Rebel Salute by Marvellous Cain

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The latest release from Riq Yardrock, head honcho Marvellous Cain takes the reigns for the Rebel Salute EP.

Gods and Kings – Starting off with some fast and dangerous Junglistic Pressure.  Ragga vocals fly out across tough amens until the DnB destroyer bassline kicks in and dictates the flow. The breakdown takes things down a notch before the bassline kicks back in at full pelt. One for the dance floor, a Jungle /  DnB smasher.

Movement – featuring Dan I and Kelly – Vocoded Reggaetastic fast paced madness. Original vocals from Dan I and Kelly keep things feeling on a reggae tip, while the beats fly off at the speed of Jungle. The build up from the breakdown is guaranteed to lift even the Junglist snoozing in the corner back onto the dancefloor. Feel good Jungle vibes!

Johnyy Dollar (GunMan remix) – by Marvellous Cain
This one kicks things in a very filmic way. It sounds like the start of some crazy action film, chords and stabs build over swirling space noises. The beat sounds fresh as a beat can sound.  When it is finally ready for the off it swirls back down for a double take and then builds up after a quick “Badman” into a crazy rhythm smasher. Big (not quite Jungle paced) Track. Check it out, it’s crazy. What’s not to love!!!

Sound Di Alarm – Featuring Randy Valentine.
Wowser……. Randy Valentine is sounding fresh. Nothing better than a vocalist who can switch between singing and double timed Jungle flow.  Vocals are taking this one of into the next dimension. This is the stand out Jungle track of the EP.  Bound to be a massive tune over the summer of Festivals. Watch this space…..big!

Regulators – Marvellous Cain.
You just know from the name a cheeky Young Guns sample is coming, always a pleasure. “Regulators” shouts a pre tiger blood Charlie Sheen or maybe Emilio Estevez from the classic film. Big tune, big sample. It builds into a monster with a funky little breakdown.

Hot Beer
Keeping this sneaky little builder til last. Dark synths and basslines with crisp breaks build up as a little synth loop gets stuck in your brain. Big track again!!

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