Review of Badmansound EP by DJ LVB.

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LVB  presents BADMANSOUND EP on Manic Jungle Records

Track 1 – Badmansounds

Space Jungle. Crisp digital sounding breakbeats get things rolling, subtle layers of familiar Jungle noises add to the soundscape as the bassline rolls in. A subtle spacey roller!

Track 2 – In the Alley

Lulling you into a false sense of security before you are hit over the head with an iron bar of bassline madness. Dirty Raw Jungle madness.

Track 3 – Play that tune

Old skool sounding track, ragga vocal samples drop in and out, if someone fired an old Skool Jungle track into space 20 years ago, i’m confident this is what an Alien producer would send back.  Big track for those who know.

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