Interview with David Boomah about Wish upon a Star

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We chatted to David Boomah about the release of “Wish upon a Star”

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How did this project / track start life?

DB: Once the dust had settled from my International Tour to promote my debut album “One World Many Cultures” I was keen to get back in the studio and start working on a new project I wanted it to be special and I reached out to Rowpieces along with a few other great Producers and this is one of the singles I thought would be great to kickstart this new project.

How did you start working with Rowpieces as a producer?

DB: Rowpieces was involved with my Remix album released by V Records in 2014 “One World Many Remixes” he did an amazing job on a track called “Spread A Little Love” and I instantly fell in love with his production style. Bryan G described him as a Producer that sounds like he has an orchestra at his disposal and I totally agree.

How does his production technique affect the final feel of the track do you think?

DB: Where do I start? The sounds Rowpieces brings to the track take you straight to a Summers Day you can almost feel the sunlight touching your skin and the summer breeze flowing through your hair. Rowpieces brings Liquid, Soulful Heavenly sounds to the track and in my opinion he is a Master Craftsman who deserves way more credit than he has received!

Forward Ever recordings is clearly a label that doesn’t believe in being defined by a genre. How would you describe it’s sound?

DB: You are totally correct and for that reason not even I can describe it’s sound! When I set the Label up a few years ago I was very clear that i wanted to have a platform for good music. I did not care what genres came through the label as long as the quality was there. I am particularly partial to a positive message as I do believe music makers have a social responsibility and the youth are listening to what we say and are influenced by our messages or lack of it.

We can guide them appropriately or we can lead them astray.

What do you feel Battery’s remix brought to the track?

DB: Battery’s Remix is very important to the release for a number of reasons; if you notice it’s the only Remix that is dark and moody and completely goes against the vibe of the lyrics. The first time I heard it I got really excited thinking this is so haaaard!!! then i thought this doesn’t match the sentiment of the song at all, in fact it makes me sound angry but that is why I love it so much it is a contradiction of music and lyrics but it still works somehow.

Hypertone’s remix is an R&B remix, was this sound something you planned as part of the release, or how did it come about?

DB: From the moment I performed the vocals for this track I thought an R&B Remix would be suitable but I had no idea where I would get one from. I had met Hypertone through a mutual friend and fellow artist Leon Anthony and I knew he had the skills to work with my voice and produce a great backdrop for the acapella of “Wish Upon A Star” so I asked him to get on board and he agreed within a couple of days he sent me a rough mix of what you have now and I knew we were on to something special.

The Lost Soundsystem remix really has a big glamorous house feel to it,  it works really well. How did you find them and what made you want to work with them on this project?

DB: The Lost Soundsystem are a Production duo from Berne, Switzerland and it’s safe to say they are my Brothers.

We have a great relationship and they have had a previous release on Forward Ever called “Sunny Side Up” Feat Annie May. Since I had an R&B Remix I thought it would be rude not to have a House Remix so I asked my brothers if they were interested and they said definitely!!!

Finally N-Type’s remix is a Garage banger that is bound to explode on the dancefloor, was this what you expected from N-Type or was this remix a surprise?

N-Type totally surprised me with his interpretation of the track. I was expecting a Dubstep Remix but I did tell him to do whatever felt right and he said cool; the next thing I know I had a banging Garage Remix on my hands that was blowing my mind. I ma glad he followed his instincts as I love what he produced.

What’s next in the pipeline release wise?

At the moment that feels like a trick question as the music game is a tough industry and sometimes I feel like giving up and focusing my energy on other things however I’m not out of the game yet and there is a lot in the pipeline

“Wish Upon A Star” is just a taste of what you can expect from my second album with more tracks from Rowpieces production from Potential Badboy, Daddy Skittz, Rene La Vice,  Aries, Benny Page, King Yoof and some BIG Collaborations who I’m not going to mention just yet but take my word for it this will be a grand project if I can pull it off!

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