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Junglist Network’s roaming Junglist reporter chats to Hybrid about all things Jungle.

Where did you grow up and what music did you enjoy as a youngster?
I grew up in Coventry and i always had an eclectic taste in music but what i was into the most was Hip Hop.

How old were you when you found jungle music?
Probably about 16/17 but i didnt start mixing it till i was about 18.

Where did you get the name Hybrid?
Because i was never satisfied mixing one specific style of Drum & Bass / Jungle so i always used to try and incorporate all different styles in my sets as well as hip hop or whatever music i was feeling at the time, so it was kind of like a ‘hybrid’ of styles.

How long have you been a DJ and tell us about your first GIG.
Ive been a DJ for about 10 years now and i think my first gig was at a small local club in Coventry which was called Graduates at the time, there was only about 50 people there but it went down well and led on to other local bookings.

How long after you became a DJ did you start producing, what programmes/ kit do you use and have you ever changed what you use to produce?
After about 4 years of trying to get bookings as just a DJ i realized that i needed to start producing to reach a wider audience. I use a PC and Cubase, mainly soft synths / samplers with a midi keyboard and then i have a liquid mix compressor, Vavle Pre-amp and a Shure SM58 for recording.

You recently played on Rough tempo alongside Arcaine, can we catch you on radio regularly???
I dont have a regular slot on any radio at the moment but you will be able to catch me doing guest slots on Origin, Kool, Rough Tempo and Codesouth Brighton in the near future.

The new album, Deep in the jungle is a compilation of what looks to be your favorite tracks about at the moment… What are your top 3 on the album and why?
Number 1 has to be Kartoon – Soundboy Surrender for me it represents the ethos of the whole project, that classic reminiscent ragga jungle sound but updated for the modern dancefloors. Another favorite has to be the remix of DJ Monk’s tune ‘Give me some more’ that we collaborated on together, it was a pleasure to get in the studio with a Jungle veteran like DJ Monk and again it really fits in with the vibe of the whole album because its an updated remix of a 90’s original Jungle tune. Last but not least id have to say ‘Sun Bomber’ by Kumarachi he is a really talented producer who is coming through with some really original ideas and sounds at the moment so watch out for him!

Who influences you in your production?
Id say the main artists who have influenced me most over the years not in any specific order – DJ Zinc, Aphrodite, Ram Trilogy, Clipz & Die, Fresh, Total Science, Ray Keith, Hazard, Bladerunner, London Elektricity, Vapour, Danny Byrd, Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Who is your top dj and MC?
I suppose its a bit of a cliche to say Andy C? but honestly it has to be Andy C, Zinc, Shy FX or Crissy Criss. With Mc’s im not sure i have a favorite but i like mc’s that compliment a dj’s set like Mc Wrec or Carasel.

What’s next for hybrid this years a far as production goes?
This year ive got a lot of stuff in the pipeline with my labels and other labels that i work with! lots of remixes, collaborations and eventually start thinking about working on an album. my main goal this year though is to work with some of my favorite labels, i dont really want to say any names yet but hopefully you will be able to see by the end of the year.

Where can we catch you DJing in the near future)
My next booking is at Forcefield in Belgium on the 23rd Jan, i have other upcoming dates in Belgium this year as well as various places in the UK. You can catch me in Brighton quite regularly though.

Many thanks to in my opinion a big big dj/producer and one to watch this year!

Deep in the jungle out to buy from all the usual places on 15th jan, go grab a copy now

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