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We had a chat with Jungle legend Jumpin Jack Frost:

How did you first get into DJ’ing?

I first started djing in boarding school as a hobby and just continued from there

Who inspires you musically these days?

I listen to all kinds of music . Rap, good house music and lots of other electronic music that varies in genre

You played at some of the big acid house raves, Sunrise, Energy, Zen parties (), what made them so unique do you think?

Those days were unique because of the atmosphere and the total revolution of both music and culture at the time .

How did you and Bryan start working together?

Me & Bryan met in Brixton and really hit it off , we had a lot in common musically and it just went from there .

How did you show on Kiss come about?

I was working on a pirate station for many years ( Passion & Lightning Radio ) with Bryan and i was contacted by them through my agent and it just went from there really

What’s been your proudest moment in the music industry?

That has to be the night of the Mercury music prize when Roni won the award .

What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment we have a few albums like VIP the new Retrospect and a few others on the go

What’s the maddest place you’ve ever played?

Has to be LAS Vegas .. Crazy Crazy Crazy place

How did Philly Blunt start and what do you have planned for it’s future?

Philly blunt was started as a offshoot to V so we could release Leviticus & Firefox , We have a Philly Album coming soon so watch this space

What’s the secret to being a good DJ?

Just be yourself and be true to your craft …

Check out what Jumpin Jack Frost is upto online. On facebook and twitter.

He has a sick clothing range, make sure you check out Team Frost’s website.

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