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Kaspa talks to Mad P from Top Buzz in the build up to the Riverdance boatparty.


As a youngster growing up what were your musical roots and inspirations?

As a youngster i was lucky to be born into music, reggae soul ska jazz funk rare grooves, it all inspired me.

When was the first time you graced the mic over acid house/jungle techno?

The first time i picked up a mic was at an acid rave was at my brothers raves, the fantastic Ibiza.

How and when was Top Buzz formed?

The buzz was formed at the legendary land of oz, as that’s where we met the bubble (Jason K), 1988.

Where was the first place you performed as Top Buzz?

First time I can’t remember to be honest but it was west end London somewhere I’ve played at a few good venues.

What was or is your favourite venue to play at?

Eclipse Coventry was a favourite, so was Sterns in Worthing, even Mansfield because of the set

What inspired you to go into the rave scene?

What inspired me, I was given an invitation and I’ve never looked back.

What is your favourite jungle techno tune?

1988 living in darkness by Top Buzz, not blowing my own trumpet but the track has stood the sands of time, I love the original.

What is your best memory from your past performances?

My best memory has to do with the support work we have done for children… the rest is just a blur but saying all that it’s my lyrics are being recited and learnt then I know the jobs a good ‘un. When people want to know learn and understand where you’re coming from, then my mission is being accomplished.

Who is your favourite DJ and MC?

The first club i went to, i saw Fabio + Grooverider, to me they are one. As for MC I don’t have a favourite, because picking up a mic is easy but understanding its power is another, so I respect all MC’S and DJ’s.

What do you think is your best lyric and why?

They are all my favourites, my best lyrics are the ones that reach home, the ones you can relate too, the ones that break your heartstrings.

You have been going for over 2 decades now, what does the future hold?

The future for me is making that ultimate tune.

One last question…Your lyric “would you risk it for a biscuit are you willing for a shilling” What kind of biscuit were you referring to?

Risk it, for a biscuit, you’re hearing it wrong… the woman/man will offer you a biscuit for a chance to sample your wares, it’s a honey trap offer off a biscuit.

Before I go, What is your favourite biscuit?

My favourite biscuit is chocolate.



Interview by Kaspa for Junglist Network (Many thanks to Mad P)

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