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We catch up with DJ Choppah label boss at Digital Roots and DJ on London’s legendary Kool FM

How was your label Digital Roots born back in 2012?

I got together with Scott Soulculture and DJ Barrikade, 2 DJ’s that where on the scene at the time, and formed Digital Roots to push more of an up to date Jungle sound, but at the same time keeping it original…

Can you name some of the artists that have had releases on the label so far, and what can you tell us about any future releases?

We have had the pleasure of releasing music from Aries & Gold dubs, DJ Hybrid, Nu-Elementz, Brian Brianstorm, Jinx, Silent Storm, Hungry T, Rob Blaze, Java, and Sharpz.. as for future releases we have a few tracks stacking up in the vault, you’ll just have to wait and see…

What DJ’s have been supporting the latest release by Silent Storm? I recently dropped ‘Technique’ @ PST in Birmingham and it went right off!

Thanks for your support Walshy. The support for this release has been great, we have had the likes of Kenny Ken, Ray Keith, Billy Bunter, Aphrodite, Aries, Levela, Benny L, Dawn Raid, plus loads more…

Thanks to everyone that has supported this release!

Does Digital Roots press any vinyl? If not, is it something that you would like to do?

No, we haven’t pressed any Vinyl yet, but it could be something we might look to do in the future…

What are your views on the resurgence of vinyl and DJ technology nowadays?

it’s great to see Vinyl coming back, even my Mum was saying today how you can get Vinyl in Tesco’s now…  I doubt if there is any jungle… As for DJ technology I’m all for it as long as you dont pre-set/sync, I’ve used CDJ’s for years, and yeah it is easier to control what your doing and quicker to select your tracks, but it will never beat the feeling of rolling out a mix in a rave on a set of 1210’s…

Who are your influences within the scene as both a producer and DJ?

From when I really started going raving to Jungle DnB back in 1999/2000 DJ’s I would look out for where the likes of Andy C, Mampi Swift, Mickey Finn and Randall, to name a few. Producers where Bad Company, Optical and Ed Rush, Dillinja, Swift, Krust, Wickaman and J Majik

 Nowadays I don’t really get out raving that much so don’t get to hear the big selectors… So I mostly listen to THE BIG CHOP SHOW!!! LOL!!! But as for producers and the music I play in my sets, I like DJ Hybrid, Chopstick Dubplate, Hoogs, Silent Storm, Brian Brainstorm, Dapz, Westy, Hungry T and I could go on and on lol…

Are there any upcoming producers you can recommend people to keep an eye out for?

Yeh there’s this guy called DJ Choppah!

Is there a certain track that always manages to get a play in your set?

Buck Rogers – Bladerunner remix

How long have you been a DJ on Kool, and when can people listen in to your show?

I started on Koollondon in January 2013, so 4 years this January. You can catch me every Wednesday from 5pm till 7pm, rolling out THE BIG CHOP DRIVE TIME SHOW.

Name 5 of your top Jungle tunes past or present



The Hitman

The Seed

Born Again – Tenor Fly

Any shout outs?


And my family for putting up with my Jungle habit…

 And of course yourself and the Junglist Network family.


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