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We talk to Serbian Junglist DJ Rahmanee


Your tunes have been causing a storm on dance floors up and down the UK this last year or so, for those that don’t know, can you tell us a bit about your background in music and how you got involved in Jungle/Drum and Bass?

Hi, I’m Rahmanee, a drum and bass DJ/producer from Belgrade. I was a punk rock kid, who got drawn into the electronic music scene. Back in the 90s we had a strong and rich Techno music scene that I supported and which influenced me a lot. As a teenage raver I learned to enjoy good Techno and House music, so when I first discovered Jungle, it was love at first sight!


What does Jungle music mean to you?

I felt it as the most progressive electronic music genre. It is based on elements of live music, which is very soulful and organic, drawn from kinds of music that touch me the most, like Reggae and Funk, with a bit of punk attitude but wrapped in whole lot of positive vibes, Jungle is a kind of expression where I can fit in nicely!


What is the music scene like in your hometown Belgrade, are there many DnB events?

The tradition of DNB in Belgrade hasn’t stopped for decades. Despite its ups and downs, it has prevailed, thanks to the great dedication of the people involved.


What has been one of the highlights of your journey in music so far?

As an artist, I find the greatest fulfilment in the enjoyment and energy that people get from the fruits of my labour.


Your style of production is varied, attention grabbing and unique, who are your musical influences both past and present?

Well, music influence is a very broad term, I guess that each reggae, punk, hip hop or even a classic music song made it. In the late 90’s I was in listening a lot to Ninja Tune releases and I loved artists like SHY FX.


How did you link up with Aries and the Born on Road krew?

In the early days of my DJ career I also worked as a promoter, so I booked a lot of UK DnB DJ’s for Belgrade parties. Aries was one of them and we ended up being good friends. When I started producing my own beats, he liked my work, supported me and linked me to his crew in the UK.


Name one piece of equipment in your studio that you couldn’t live without?

Spectrum Analyzer of my RME soundcard is precious to me and I’m addicted to it.


Your most recent release on Sub Slayers is made up of 2 tracks – Funky Train / All That Bass. What can you tell us about them and the process that went into making them?

I loved samples from the ICE T classic “NEW JACK HUSTLER”…  I think that was a masterpiece when it comes to sampling, so I wanted to do my own track using similar samples, and I made ‘Funky Train’

‘All That Bass’  is more a Techno influenced tune where you can hear one synthesizer grinding through the track…


A stand out track of yours for me is ‘Wine it up’ featuring Junior Dangerous from the ‘Bad Boy Steppa’ EP, is there any vocalist/artist you would like to work with in future?

When it comes to vocalists, I am a huge fan of Jamaican tradition. To name a few, Shaggy and Cutty Ranks are some of the people I would love to work with.


What can you tell us about your future plans? Have you any UK gigs in 2017?

Can’t really tell any plans yet! Do you know how to make a God laugh? – Make a PLAN!!! Just kidding lol, I am working it out with the Birmingham fam, it may happen this year that I come to the UK to perform again.


Name your top 5 tracks in your set at this moment in time?

1. Filip Motovunski – Shakka (BPM)

2. Rahmanee – Funky Train (Sub Slayers)

3. Ed West & Inja – Jungle Everyday (Born On Road)

4. K Jah_- Turbo Royale_(Dawn Raid Rmx) Hocus Pocus Recordings

5. Chopstick Dubplate – Badboy Patrol ft Daddy Freddy (Chopstick Dubplate)


Thanks Rahmanee for talking with us. Hopefully we will catch up with you later in the year, until then are there any people want to BigUp!?

Shout out to all my Balkan Jungle family, Motovunski and whole crew from Istria, Croatia. Shouts to my boys Roots in Sessions from Ljubljana, Macedonian Junglist Movement from Skopje, all my friends and pals from Novi Sad, Nis, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and all cities in area I work with and its a long list believe me!  Special love to my crew, friends and fans down here in Belgrade who supported in good and in bad. Love and gratitude to my dear friend and colleague Daniel Simic, who runs BPM Records which releases my music from day one. Big respect to all people from UK that helped me getting my stuff out there and did a great job promoting it, also thanks to Jay from Sub Slayers. Big up Aries and whole Chopstick crew, my Jungle brothers from Bristol and Birmingham, shouts to Born on Road fam and all their crew. Shout out to all of you who support good music and real tingz…


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