Junglist Network’s 2016 DJ Competition

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The Junglist Network 2016 DJ Competition

After the success of last years DJ Competition it would be rude not to have another one.

Last years winner Walshy Selecta has gone on to release a mix album with us, play shows across the country and is still enjoying his new mixer and headphones and fresh clothes from our range.

First round entrants must be in by the 1st of September.

Prizes for this year:

1st Prize
Mix our Future Classics Volume 2 Mix CD (help with entire process, from track selection, mixing to mastering)
Play at 3 Jungle events across the country
The change to play back to back with a massive artists on a live radio show
3 Junglist Network T-Shirts
Junglist Network camo backpack
Junglist Network Jacket
10 Fresh Jungle vinyls
Brand new pair of Pro Headphones
Copy of Future Classics Volume 1 CD
advice on social media and self promotion

2nd Prize
Junglist Network T-Shirt
Copy of Future Classics Volume 1 CD

3-10th Prize
Everyone who gets into the top 10 gets a Free copy of our Future Classics CD

This year consists of 2 stages. You can mix anything you want as long as at least 50{c677f8d1c17564a56c503e01be8f588995c5f36b5bc5ff935a383d6667989752} of it is Jungle (old or new), the more eclectic the better, mixing on vinyl or cd’s won’t get you through but it might help. We are looking for someone with technical ability (so show of your most technical mix), flare and someone who can hold  a crowd and keep them raving.

The first round is open to everyone.

Round 1:

Make a fresh new Jungle mix for the competition (25-30 minutes long)
Upload it to soundcloud, mixcloud or youtube.
Call it the “DJ____’s Junglist Network 2016 DJ Competition mix”
upload the Junglist Network artwork to your mix (download our artwork here)
email us a link to your mix and your contact details – info@junglistnetwork.com
Share your mix around on social media tagging Junglist Network

The Top 20 will go through to the next round based on their plays, likes, loves and positive comments etc, as well as the overall quality and originality of the mix.

Round 2: The video round

Record a 15 minute minimix video featuring at least 10 tracks
upload it to youtube with the title “DJ ___’s Junglist Network 2016 DJ Competition finals mix”
send us the links and sit back and wait while our panel of judges decide on the winner.

This round will be Judged by a panel of experts, including Marvellous Cain, Uncle Dugs, DJ Aries, Walshy Selecta (last years winner), and the Junglist Network team.

A few notes and pointers if you are thinking of entering:

It’s all about technical ability and the ability to wow a crowd while keeping the Jungle flow
The more decks, samplers, toys and anything else you can include the better (although just two decks is fine)
Try to make it an interested genre bending mix, not just 6 jungle tunes mixed together very slowly.
Don’t overdo the spamming to get your mix more likes and listens, we will spot it and you will be marked down *but do of course share it around and tell all your friends.
Try to be creative and original, we will get about 500 entrants and you need to stand out.
Don’t send us digitally produced “fake mixes” the video round will catch you out!
Good luck and get mixing!

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