Review of ‘Forward’ by Bonnot and General Levy

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‘Forward’ the new album by Bonnot and General Levy

Out Now. Buy it here.

Two big playaz in the Global Jungle scene unite to work together on an album. You can always spot a scene on the up with the amount of albums getting released by artists and there are a lot coming out in the Jungle world right now.

‘Success’ is the first big track of the album, Serial Killaz are involved (of course) and destroy the mix as always. The track’s got more of a dub feel to it than many of the dance floor anthems the Serial Killaz usually release. Giving it a tripped out 6am in the morning feel to it.

‘That’s what we blaze’ is more what I was expecting from this album. High end shit! Levy always seems most at home lyrically chatting about weed and this track is no exception, a sing along jungle anthem about weed. What more could you ask for “The highest grade, that’s what we blaze”. Anthem time!

‘Jah Alone’ is another reggaetastic Jungle classic. Levy’s voice floats over Bonnot’s beats in perfect harmony. I think I’m coming round to Levy’s singing, which is rare for an MC to switch it so successfully. He’s really smashing it on this album vocally and this track shows his depth as an artist.

‘Cantankerous’ with Ed Solo on mix duties, is another big one. You can’t go too far wrong with Ed Solo in command, the Jungle Cakes producer always smashes it. The wobbling bass and Levy lyrics and dancehall breakdown take it off into another dimension.

‘Intergalactical’ is the last track on the album and they kept one of the best till last. The build up is massive and drops to total mayhem, it’s got all the energy of a rave, Levy hypes it up as the bassline destroys you. This is surely going to be a massive dancefloor anthem!!

The only one I’m not sure about is ‘Like a Train’, do we really need General Levy making “Choo Choo” train impressions in our life? Maybe, who knows.

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