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Generation Jungle by various artists – released on Asbo records
Available on Juno and DnB Arena now!

Asbo records celebrate 3 years of releases with Generation Jungle “A look back at some of the widely supported tracks that have helped to shape their sound across the scene”.

A nice mix of tracks, from the Jump up ragga end of Jungle, though the more melody driven liquid side, right through to the dub end of things.

There are 22 tracks, yes that’s right 22. No mean feat, that’s a lot of tracks. So here is a little collection of our favourites:

First up is DJ West with ‘Rise of the Sun’, a trippy vocal takes us on a hazy journey through an amen landscape with old skool samples popping off left, right and centre. Nice reggae break down as the vocal takes command and then back into some straight up dancefloor bass.

Daffy ‘Love Dub’ Ray Keith Remix, thundering bassline delivers some heat as the amen rolls over a dub vocal, tripping in and out of the mix, massive tune!

Rassterlin ‘Use them Brains’, popping down the side alley of reggae jungle. This track expands the vocal a little more and drops it to massive effect. Reggae infused amen madness with those Reggae horns we all love! It drops down into a nice little reggae tune and then swings back into full effect.

Sureshock ‘Take ya time’ is proper old skool sounding. The “big up my selector” vocal and chords take you right back to 94.

SoulCulture ‘Roughneck’ does what it says on the tin. Roughneck sounds! The Amen will destroy you as the bass wobbles in and out like a Jungle elephant! As the breakdown lulls you into a false sense of serenity it tips back in at full pelt and knocks you off your feet.

Rassterlin ‘snake style’ is emotional stuff. Builds up with the atmosphere with some chords and breaks, before dropping some Kung Fu samples and killer Amens. Wicked samples and an amazingly atmospheric track. Possibly our favourite of the whole album

The Dream Team ‘Dubplate Danger’, hectic!!!! Amens smash into each other with “Danger” lyrics dropping, is this doesn’t get your dancefloor moving then you’re at the wrong party.

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