Review of ‘Get Down Massive’ E.P by Dope Ammo

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‘Get Down Massive’ Dope Ammo

Adapting the intro of his set at 2014’s Boom Town into reminiscent track of layers old skool sounds and samples. Shaddy MC dropping some “Massive, Massive, Massive, Bad Boy, Bad Boy” lyrics, while the bass rolls and thunders away, crisp amens and a sonar synth lead that will have bats flying over the rave from miles around. Sonic Old Skool warfare!

Track 2, sees the collaborative powers of Dope Ammo and Run Tingz, hey presto it’s DopeTingz. For this release they remix “Real Top Ranking” featuring the lyrically delights of Deliman. Heading into more familiar current jungle sounds, Ragga energy oozes across the track, the Deliman lyrics drop and add that warm familiar Reggae feeling. Massively energetic throughout, the track rolls and rides along with the lyrical flow creating perfectly formed Jungle fusion!

Track 3, ‘Feel the Desire’ featuring Yemi Bolatiwa kicks things off with an anthemic feeling intro, building up to the lyrically drop. After a mind boggling intro it pops off down synth drum and bass jump up jungle route for the rest of the track, destroying dancefloors in it’s wake. But don’t forget to play the intro, it’s ground breaking stuff.

Track 4 ‘Raw Power’ is a Dope Ammo dance floor monster. Basslines battle it out in a swirling vortex of dirty warehouse rave beats.

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