Review of So Good / True Guidance by Vital Elements and Micky Finn.

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After some time away from the studio, the legendary Pioneer of Jungle and DnB is back. This time in the studio with one half of the Serial Killaz, Vital Elements. Both tracks are being released on Serial Killaz recordings.

So Good – Vocals taken from the jazz funk classic “Don’t make me wait” by the Peach Boys gives the track that genuine old skool summer time vibe. Slowly creaping and building in as the vocal floats us away to festivals and beach parties, final stepping in the bassline warps it’s way through out brain while the beat steps on.  Always a pleasure to hear producers playing to the vocals strengths without over doing things, this is a master class in Jungle production. Sick track, surely going to be a smasher this summer.

True Guidance – After a trippy little opening build up some rough ragga jungle lyrics take control. Sampled from the 80’s yard classic “Country Man”. This one takes things off in a different direction, a little darker, bouncing basslines and some raw energy that is bound to keep the dancefloor moving.  Scuttling beats and a bassline that just keeps on bouncing!

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