Review of 2 Nice – Rising

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2 Nice – Rising – Serial Killaz Remix

Out Soon

The next release on the unstoppable Serial Killaz recordings. The label owners take over for remix duties.
Coming on strong from the offset, tough Jungle beats and 2 Nice’s “We Keep on rising” vocals set the tone early on. A nice early breakdown shows off the lyrical depth of the track, before dropping in with a bouncy little Jungle bassline. It keeps building up, adding dashes of dub reggae and a progression of crisp amens. The 2nd break, takes it up to fever pitch (we knew it was coming), a crescendo of kicks and the bassline rolls back in for more leg flailing madness. Tu Nice’s vocals float over Jungle perfectly, nice to see more lyrics being used in releases, not just a chorus looped endlessly. Jungle is moving onto the next level and Serial Killaz are setting the standard.

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