Review of Benny Page Party with You ft Sweetie Irie

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Benny Page featuring Sweetie Irie “Party with You”

Watch the video.

So nice to see an artist releasing consistently high quality Jungle. Not just another soundcloud track or mp3 but the whole package, including with something some underground artists seem to have forgotten about……. a music video. Did everyone else forget about videos, such an important part of conveying the message of your music. Benny’s last single “Champion Sound” recently won a BMA award for Best Video. This one features a London moped gang as the travel to the legendary Ace Café (they were featured in Vice’s “Moped Gangs of London” documentary recently).

But of course, it’s not about the video (nice though it is). It’s about the music. Benny Page doesn’t fail to deliver on that front. Sweetie Irie’s vocals burst over some soulful horns in the intro like a shot in the night, his rapping sounds rough and raw as ever, his singing takes the track to another place. His voice couldn’t sound more contrasting, rough mc’ing and soaring vocals “and I Party with you”.

Simplicity is the key with Benny Page recent releases, a strong vocal doesn’t need to be hidden behind layers of beats, simple crisp beats, great horn section loop and a warm bassline give these tracks a slower feel that hopefully gives them more mainstream appeal with watering down the Junglisticness (is that a word?).

Big things again from Benny Page

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