Review of Everybody Smoke with Dubzee ft Demolition Man

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Dubzee ft. Demolition Man & Trinity Chris: Everybody Smoke review

To celebrate Canada legalising cannabis M Ocean presents the collaborations between the two countries taking on Canadian Dubzee’s original track. The mighty duo Canadian producer D-Region & UK Code bring the unique soundscapes of drum and bass to life, as anticipated it’s a razor sharp built-up cut. Combined with bouncy bassline, experimental drums along with the vocals of UK’s finest jungle /reggae singer songwriters Demolition Man and TC who recently had a collab with Bounty Killer bringing excitement and enthusiasm to the dance floor.

The Danny Styles Jungle mix ‘Everybody Smoke’ intro is the familiar badman sounds of D.R.S ft Kenny Ken ‘Everyman’ leads the way, get ready for a high octane that is primed to decimate speakers across the globe. Packed with a complete dirty percussion intertwined with a sticky ickle liquid beat, before dropping into a quick and catchy drum pattern, with the unmistaken classic jungle roller tied together in his signature style.

Trimer Holds no punches with his remix which spans a wealth of deep and dark atmospheric sounds, within the spacey cinematic halftime, incorporating a variety of sonic textures, blending into an Infectious haunting chillier melodic riff running like a river of blood with plenty of baseline sizzle.

Hard hitting Danny styles is firing with the dancehall remix, ‘Everybody Smoke’ takes things more to a calm ethereal haze trail, laced with a rich tapestry and layers with the distinctive vocals of Dubzee, Demolition Man and TC.

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