Review of ‘Fully Loaded’ by Run Tingz and Breakah

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Run Tingz and Breakah ‘Fully Loaded’ featuring Doubla J

Run Tingz kill it again. This time they team up with Breakah for “Fully Loaded”, a 5 track digital package giving you some straight up dancefloor ragga destruction. Some reggae keys, jungle breaks, lilting guitar and a tasty bassline give it the reggae jungle vibes and German based Doubla J’s vocals give it the original ragga flavour.  Germany seems to be another one of those locations that emits ragga vocal talent, perhaps Navigator has been spreading the good word! The original has a dub jungle and festival feel like no other, it sounds organic and has a live session atmosphere. It kind of sounds like what (and I don’t say this lightly) The Specials might have sounded like if Coventry had been a Jungle hotbed back in their day.

I’m happy to say, that I need hardly emphasise how this track is built from roots upwards. Original vocals, guitar by Jonny Evans, original keys and drums. This used to be a rarity, but if you’ve read any of the reviews of the last years’ worth of material from Lion Dub, Run Tingz or Yardrock, I’m happy to announce. It’s becoming a standard. If you’re not making your Jungle from scratch then you’re going to struggle in this new Golden age of live Jungle.

Run Tingz know more than a lot of producers about keeping the dancefloor happy. So  remixes from Levela, J.Man and Run Tingz take the track in a few unexpected directions. Jman track stands out a little with some krazy beat flourishes and a bassline that will tear you apart.

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