Review of X Nation’s Look No Further

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Review of X Nation’s Look No Further

01 – Look No Further
02 – Collie Wah We Love
03 – Accident
04 – After Dark

X Nation gets things rolling with “Look no further” a trippy rolling little number, vocals roll harmoniously over rolling amens, dub sounds float in and out as the beat rolls on. If you made it to 6am in the morning and the Police haven’t ruined your free party, this is what you need to annoyingly ask the DJ for until he plays it or tries to hurt you.

Track two “Collie Wah We Love” kicks off with a super aggressive little breakbeat, until the vocal drops you down to level Dub. Hard sounding dancefloor Jungle.

“Accident” hits the middle ground. Breaks that are just dancey enough to keep things moving, with Dub horns and vocals lifting it up to a euphoric place.

“After Dark”….. Damn that’s some funky shit! Jamariqui takes over the vocals, well not really but sounds like it. Just before the bass mayhem attacks your cortex some chilling child vocals freak your brain out. Mayhem ensues, Ragga vocals drop in and warfare commences and doesn’t let you grab a breath until the breakdown, the Funk takes control and JK get’s his hat out and then………. It goes mental again obviously!

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