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‘Waiting in Vain’ – Bonnot

An official cover of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain” by Italian Junglist Bonnot, no mean feat in itself. But with orchestration from Fabrizio Sotti (Miles Davis guitarist) and vocals from Shaggy (no really) and Res. Bonnot really has pulled something a bit special out of the bag. It’s got a warm rolling dnb feel to it with Jungle vibes at it’s heart. Sunshine guitars float over the breaks, you can feel the talent oozing out of the riffs. Res’s vocals are on point, sounding sun drenched and hazey. Shaggy confuses me a little as always, but his voice actually fits well and gives it a gentle ragga edge. This is how Jungle is moving and shaking it’s way into a……dare I say…..commercial position. But maybe just maybe, unlike almost every underground sound, the commercialisation might be a good thing. Is that crazy talk? Perhaps. But if the production values head in the direction of this track and Jungle gives reggae the pace it needs to appeal to a different group, then it could be a fantastic journey and it’s only a shame Top of the Pops doesn’t exist anymore so we could watch Junglists tearing it up.

The remix by DJ Edit, steps it up a little, increases the bass pressure and gives it a bit more oomph without messing with the vibe.

Proof if proof was needed that the Italian Reggae scene is an amazing thing and the Jungle scene appears to be heading the same way. Big!

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