Review of ‘Inna Mi Draw’ by Nico D ft Turbulence

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Another massive EP from the Liondub international label.

Liondub present Another Boom Shot! Inna Mi Draw – Nico D ft Turbulence – available now!

Reworking a 2012 Reggae smasher, Liondub have put together a 5 track EP, including the re-release of the original.
Remixes from Potential Badboy, Serial Killaz, Curfew Steppas and Voltage.

Original Mix – OK, it’s reggae, not Jungle. But we’re all open minded here, amazing original tune. Ganja based lyrics dropping over fresh reggae beats from Bost and Bim. Big tune. Just needs sunshine and some weed and maybe a beach and all would be well with the world! Amazing lyrics throughout, the woes of getting stoned, getting the munchies and other Jamaican based trials and tribulations. Fantastic lyrics throughout – “When you high, you act like Monkey” – genius is not an understatement.

Potential Badboy Remix – A minimal little remix, keeping true to the original. If it ain’t broke don’t over fix it. Perfect little remix of an amazing track. Keeps the original reggae vibe while increasing the tempo.

Serial Killaz Remix – The Killaz step it up a level in their usual style. Layering up fast and furious beats while keep the original vocal bubbling along, dropping out to a full on reggae breakdown before rolling back in with a massive bassline and some heavy beats. The Serial Killaz never disappoint those looking for something to make the Junglists go nuts on the dancefloor.

Curfew Steppas Remix – Loving the bassline on this remix, if your going to drop one remix outside on a massive festival soundsystem this is the one. The bassline bounces into a dancehall breakdown which gives the tune a new direction, before rolling the vocal back into a jungle breakbeat.

Voltage Remix – If you like Jump Up, you’ll love the snyth bass on this one.

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