Review of Jah Cure Never Find Jungle Remixes

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Review of Jah Cure “Never Find” Jungle remixes out on Liondub International

Two remixes from the Liondub international camp of the Jah Cure classic “Never Find”.

Never Find (Marcus Visionary Remix)

It’s 8 in the morning. The sunshine hits the field you’re dancing in and the last tune comes on. If it’s not this tune I’d demand a refund. Sunshine drenched Jungle that rolls along with subtle drum rolls and enough jungle samples lurking in the background to remind you it’s a Jungle track. A beautiful remix from Marcus Visionary of the original Jah Cure track, if Jungle had a “summer holiday” anthem then this is surely it! I can almost hear the daffodils popping out of the ground in anticipation.

Never Find (interface remix)

Bristol based Interface takes control of the track and adds some dancefloor mayhem. Bass stabs and pads drive the track as the rolling beats keep it all moving along at the speed of rave. The original vocals pull it back to a slower feel but as the beat kicks in and the vocals are edited and phased in and out the trippy dancefloor feeling of a big roller soon kicks back in. Big Stuff!

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