Review of Liondub and Marcus Visionary present Jungle to the World

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Review of Liondub & Marcus Visionary present Jungle to the World – Various Artists.

I love a Jungle album, there have been a few this year, this one is more than you could ever dream of. Fusing more styles than you know what to do with into a seamless and timeless piece of artistry!

Track 1 – Rock it Tonight – Johnny Osbourne & Marcus Visionary (Year 3000 Mix) *

“Dub plates playing in the ghetto tonight”. A big first track from two legends, crisp beats flow over Reggae harmonies. A tasty appetiser!

Track 2 – Sound The Alarm – Navigator Ft. Skarra Mucci & Bassface Sascha (Serum Remix)

We’ve reviewed this already as a single, it’s Massive, Navigator takes things to the next level. Serum on remix duties hits it over the woods.

Track 3 – Heavy Like Tank – Soultrain & Phantom Warrior *

Watch the video here.

Wait for the video of this one! Heavy Heavy Heavy and they have their own tank. Nuff Said! Play it, or they’ll turn up at your rave in a tank and destroy the dancefloor themselves. Mayhem!

Track 4 – Ruff And Tuff VIP – Sugar Minott & Marcus Visionary *

Worth buying the whole album just for the jazzy bass / horn shuffle that kicks in at the start and half way through this little gem! It’s some funky shit! Sugar Minott’s voice is so packed full of soul it’s bursting at the seams. An infectious soulful reggae journey into the sunshine.
Track 5 – Original Jungle Sound VIP – Daddy Freddy & Isaac Maya (Marcus Visionary Remix) *

We’ve reviewed this already too, Daddy Freddy’s flow plugs directly into your cerebral main vein and blows your brain out through your ears. Crazy crazy shit, if this doesn’t make the dancefloor freak out, you’re at the wrong party and should put some David Guetta on.

Track 6 – Born to Fly – Courtney John (Upgrade Remix)

The delicate and amazing vocals are decimated by upgrades bassline, the vocals lull you into a fall sense of security before the dancefloor destruction………..
Track 7 – Soundwar – Bunny General & Marcus Visionary (Dread Remix) *

Bunny General’s vocals maintain the flow over a trippy soundscape of amens and analogue sounding basslines. A standing in the corner, tripping out and dancing by yourself at 6 in the morning kind of track.
Track 8. War – Singing Bird & Marcus Visionary *

Singing Bird has the kind of voice that just keeps on going, it could smash glass at a 100 yards Feel the Power as he soars over Marcus Visionary’s beats. Lilting reggae keys give the track a big reggae feel. Classic Stuff

Track 9 – Inna Mi Draw – Nico D Ft. Turbulence (Potential Badboy VIP) *

We reviewed this already as a single. It’s more Golddust! Potential Badboy on the remix kills it. If you love your weed and your Jungle, this is the track for you.

Track 10 – Come Again – Digital

Pure Old School Jungle. Air horns puncture the amens, a dark roller!

Track 11 – All Comes Back to One – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Potential Badboy & Liondub Remix)

Wow. Trying to sneak this one in near the end. Socially conscious lyrics from Jahdan and amazing instrumental horn sections over layers of lyrical gems, “you make the rules and break the rules and close down the schools”. It’s the standout track of the album. Liondub and Potential Badboy do what good producers do best and gently work around the mind blowing vocals, so you hardly notice the beats are there. This is the kind of track that is taking Jungle into a very very good place. Turn it up and stick it on repeat for the rest of the summer.

Track 12 – Jah Promise – Johnny Osbourne & Marcus Visionary *

The finishing track is a belter too. Johnny Osbourne is fantastic and Marcus Visionary takes him up to a higher Jungle level.

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