Review of Mr Williamz Meets Bonnot – Raggamuffin DJ

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Bonnot meets Mr Williamz feat Ed Solo

Review by Walshy Selecta

To be honest you know this one is going to be quality with the artists involved so here is what’s going down!

We start off with a nice steppy beat and a lazy Guitar strumming away in the background to set the tone, the familiar and assuring voice of Mr Williamz is heard introducing Bonnot on production and himself (of course)!

‘International’ is the call that that is repeated before the breakdown where everything gets stripped back except Mr Williamz voice and a nice trippy loop in the background.

Then the vocal rolls in accompanied with a hint of the bassline to come, a nice riser and drumroll combination next to come then BLAM! All aspects of the track come together in a powerfull effect with Mr Williamz vocal sitting nicely amongst the Rolling Bassline (which has got a nice wobble section to it that will test your Sub woofers out!) with a tough but nice beat and lazy guitar adding the Reggae feel to the vibe of the track, its time to let this one roll out full of goodtime vibes, the 2nd breakdown is well done just like the 1st then we are treated to the track stripped back minus Mr Williamz vocal which I think is good from the DJ perspective to get in the mix with another vocal tune!

All round top production and quality, this is a tune that will sit nicely into the set of any Jungle DJ! 8/10

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