Review of My Sound – Highs to Lows – Luke EP

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Out on Riq Yardrock, My Sound is a Jungle banger.

First up – My Sound – Reggae lilting keys and vocals float there way in before a crisp breakbeat rolls out. Some organ business brings in the catchy riff and we’re away as the vocal takes us up.  The bassline squelches in like a pair of wellies being pulled out of the muddiest festival hold in the world. The reggae vocals “my sound is the heaveyist sound” float in and out throughout giving a bit of warmth to a very angry analogue sounding bassline. They work together in perfect harmony to create a nice bit of Jungle.

Highs to Low – Heading down the organ route of many a late 90’s liquid tune before kicking in with a bonkers bassline and some jazz horn section. One for the Wobble heads. The bassline takes it off in a different direction, kind of Bukem meats Dubstep with a Jungle vibe.  Big

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